PBS TeacherLine and PBS Education Research

Teachers see gains in student reading fluency after completing PBS TeacherLine reading course.

Testing the Efficacy and Impact of a Selected PBS TeacherLine Course,” conducted by Hezel Associates and funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s Ready-to-Teach grant

TeacherLine Capstone courses increase participants’ confidence and competence in technology integration.

The Impact of a NCLB-EETT Funded Professional Development Program on Teacher Self-Efficacy and Resultant Implementation,” by Richard Overbaugh and Ruiling Lu

PBS TeacherLine courses decrease teacher concerns around the ease of technology in the classroom while heightening sense of ability to have an impact and be innovative using technology.

The Impact of a Federally Funded Grant on a Professional Development Program: Teacher’s Stages of Concern Toward Technology Integration,” by Richard Overbaugh and Ruiling Lu

PBS TeacherLine’s course facilitators excel at key competencies that are consistent with current research on effective online facilitation skills.

A Study of PBS TeacherLine Online Course Facilitation,” conducted by ALTA Solutions Group, LLC and funded by the U. S. Department of Education’s Ready-to-Teach grant

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PBS TeacherLine, Your Resource for Professional Development

PBS TeacherLine's PreK-12 online courses offer what all high-quality professional development should offer:

Convenience – online, anytime and anywhere, as long as you have an Internet connection

Collaboration – explore ideas with your peers and get feedback from your facilitator throughout the course

Being Productive – 79% of our learners incorporate content knowledge into teaching AND 83% report a positive impact on student learning

To learn more about PBS TeacherLine go to www.pbs.org/teacherline.

Graduate credit options are available. All courses provide a professional development certificate for clock hours completed. Some districts accept PBS TeacherLine courses for salary schedule growth! Some PBS TeacherLine courses, if placed on a college transcript can count toward endorsements.


Administrators & Professional Development Specialists:

Did you know schools/districts/organizations can customize PBS TeacherLine coursework in Arizona?

• Sustain your face to face professional development with an online course
• Have your own staff leadership facilitate the course (PBS TeacherLine Online Facilitation Course available with course purchase at no charge)
• Set unique start and end dates for your course to fit your group’s needs – fast track to full semester
• Utilize the ASSET Professional Development Team for face to face workshops on successful online learning tips

Please read more here and contact us for guest access to a specific course title.

Do you have a coaching and/or mentoring model already in place in your school or district? Support those educators involved with online tools from PBS TeacherLine Peer Connection.

• This innovative professional development tool offers customized, targeted support for instructional coaches. Professional development coaches can utilize high quality resources like videos on best practices and research-based articles––all in a searchable location. In addition, PBS TeacherLine fosters an online community bringing coaches and teachers together regardless of hectic schedules and physical distance.

• Utilize the ASSET Professional Development Team for face to face workshops on getting started with Peer Connection

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