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The ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Consortium is a leader in strengthening Arizona families and communities, and includes partners such as Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Southwest Human Development, Arizona Department of Economic Security, East Valley Child Crisis Center, Arizona Association for Supportive Child Care, Northland Family Help Center, Prevent Child Abuse Arizona and Valley of the Sun Arizona Association for the Education of Young Children. To support the medical and counseling outreach leaders, Eight has been an active participant in the ACE Consortium and spearheaded its social media and promotion efforts since 2009.  To date, Eight hosts the ACE Consortium website for its partners and maintains the online training toolkit at:

An Arizona institution for over 30 years, Bookmans Entertainment Exchange has built our reputation on the concept that "used" is not a dirty word. With six stores in Tucson, Mesa, Phoenix, and Flagstaff, we rely on our customers for what we sell - books, music, movies, video games and systems, magazines, comics, electronics, tchotchkes, and musical instruments, and more. That's nearly 114,000 combined square feet of media recycled from the community. We provide the shelves but it's your stuff that goes on them.

Bookmans has partnered with Eight Educational Outreach for a third year in a row to sponsor the PBS KIDS GO! Writers Contest for all Kindergarten through 3rd grade students in Arizona.

The Latino Institute, a program of the City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department is an alliance of individuals, government agencies, businesses and community organizations dedicated to ensuring the quality of life for all.   Through a unique design that includes various special events and community outreach, the Institute seeks to present lectures, panels, workshops, and/or multimedia presentations that will actively engage participants of all age groups and socioeconomic backgrounds in meaningful dialogue that contributes to the heart of our community.

Since its inception in 2000, the Latino Institute has successfully provided programs that truly celebrate inclusion. The Latino Institute reaches out not only to the Latino base of the City of Phoenix, but to its entire community within our great City. Through this outreach, the community receives value, respect, and is supported with information to enhance their quality of life.

Eight, Arizona PBS is partnering with Lakeshore Learning Materials to help provide teachers with the finest educational materials available! With over 55 years of experience providing top-quality products to the nation's schools, Lakeshore now offers educational software that aligns to Common Core State Standards. Featuring titles for math, language and science, you'll find their software successfully targets the needs of K–6 classrooms throughout Arizona. For a limited time, Arizona Educators who create an az.pbslearningmedia account can download a FREE Lakeshore software title for your interactive whiteboard or classroom computer!. This offer is valid through December 31, 2011.

AzTEA - Arizona Technology in Education Alliance
Eight Educational Outreach: ASSET supports AzTEA at the top level of non-profit sponsors with in-kind services. ASSET is pleased to promote AzTEA events, offer studio space for special events, and participate as a presenter at local chapter workshops. ASSET also promotes AzTEA membership and local involvement with ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) initiatives. AzTEA will support Eight Educational Outreach through its contributions to special innovative technology projects such as the work with FRONTLINE: Digital Nation.

ASSET, a self-supporting department of Eight/KAET, is proud to offer PBS TeacherLine to ASSET members across Arizona. ASSET is one of the original 16 local PBS stations selected by PBS to offer TeacherLine’s online professional development opportunities. To learn more about PBS TeacherLine go to

Bring History to life for Your Classroom
Immerse your students into the 16th Century! The annual Arizona Renaissance Festival, with its 30-acre theatrical European market village offers a unique opportunity to bring an important era in history to life. Student Days were created to highlight the educational aspects of the Renaissance; language, mannerisms, customs, comedia theatre, jousting tournaments, artisan demonstrations, and music are just some ofthe learning opportunities that await your students.

The Arizona Renaissance Festival gives students a chance to do more than just read about it.... WE LET THEM EXPERIENCE HISTORY!
Reserve tickets TODAY - call 520-463-2600 for more Information or go to and click on Student Days

555 N. Central Ave. Suite 500, Phoenix, AZ 85004
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