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  • ASU West
    (Tues, Wed, Thurs. 10-12pm & 12:30-2:30Pm)
    7/24 - W1 & W2,
    7/25 - W3 & W4,
    7/26 - W5 &W6

First Things First partners with parents and families to help all kids stay healthy and be ready to succeed in school. The mission of First Things First, its programs, services, and funding helps this happen.





What are they thinking? Understanding Your Child’s Brain Development

Did you know that from the moment your child is born, and even before, his brain’s 100 billion cells are already absorbing information? Do you know that early childhood experiences are critical to the emotional and intellectual development of a child? During these early years, 75% of brain growth is completed. Join us for this workshop where we will learn about the fantastic changes taking place in your child’s brain. Understand the importance of early attachment in brain development, test your own “M” space, and learn how to stimulate the brain by building a ball maze with recycled items at home. Many resources will be available including a list of more than 20 online memory games your child can play from programs such as Super WHY! and Arthur.


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A Picture Book is Worth a Thousand Words!

Reading is the most important subject in school, and infancy is the perfect time to begin reading aloud to your child. You are your child’s primary teacher. Learn strategies for becoming a master story teller, Ten Facts Parents Should Know about Reading, and how to locate the perfect picture book in the PBS Parents Book Finder. Explore helpful hints, activities, and extended projects from Between the Lions to increase your child’s interest and comprehension. This workshop focuses on using storytelling to develop a child's language and literacy skills. Many free reading resources will be assembled by participants. So, grab a book and read!

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I Spy Through Elmo’s Eyes…Literacy Around the House!

elmo cookie monsterChildren pick up a lot from the world around them. Find out how PBS characters such as Elmo and Cookie Monster can help parents and children recognize that LEARNING IS EVERYWHERE! Make everyday activities into learning experiences. This workshop focuses on typical early language and emergent literacy skills through a print-rich, literacy-rich environment.  Recommendations from the award winning show Between the Lions will be shared. See how easy it is to create inexpensive, print rich crafts and activities. Build literacy and comprehension skills by making your home into a print rich environment.

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Unlock the PBS Literacy Treasure Chest - Activities to Promote Language Development

Did you know that poetry and music encourage language development by teaching rhyming skills? Did you also know that the beat in music teaches children syllables? Open the PBS Literacy Treasure Chest and explore the beauty of poetry, music and stories. Join a poetry club and practice for a concert with Savannah’s friends by visiting online resources such as Arthur and Mama Mirabelle. See the language benefits of incorporating homemade musical instruments, phonetic games, and nursery rhymes into your child’s early learning experiences. This make ‘n take workshop will provide tools and ideas to develop letter knowledge and phonological awareness skills critical to a youngster’s early literacy and language development.

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Discovering Literacy Using Media

Today’s kids are technology natives. In this workshop we will explore ways to make TV and other media a healthy part of early childhood. This workshop explores how to select appropriate media and make it into an educational experience. What do you do before, during and after watching a TV program or video? What follow-up activities could extend the lessons of the program? How do you select a video game? In addition, explore tips on how to withstand the pressures of TV advertisements, organize a screen time log and create an origami Clifford. Many valuable resources concerning the media will be available.

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Traveling the World-Wide Web – Seatbelt Buckled but No Passport Required!

pbs kids islandHow comfortable do you feel allowing your children to use the internet? Explore tips and learn what you can do to make sure your kids are cyber safe. In addition, this final interactive workshop will take you on a journey to KIP, PBS Kids Island as well as other online literacy resources.  KIP was developed by Eight, Arizona PBS-ASSET. This program, based on AZ early learning standards provides practice in a wide variety of pre literacy skills. PBS Kids Island provides free reading games and activities for children, parents and caregivers. Children build an online island carnival by playing reading games with PBS KIDS characters. This research-based program guides children through eight different literacy-building levels in which each level builds on the next. So come and get ready to surf!

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