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Smart Use of TV

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Adults help children become smart television viewers by developing their critical viewing and media skills.

Smart choices make television a powerful and positive tool.

TV Can Be Good When:

• It is age-appropriate
• It encourages children to read
• It introduces skills and ideas important to learning
• It encourages children to think and ask questions
• It encourages positive behavior and values
• It doesn't include commercials
• It is a balanced part of a child's day


TV Can Be a Problem When:

• It is not geared toward a child's development level
• It takes the place of reading
• It presents gender, racial, or cultural stereotypes
• It models violence as a way of solving conflict
• It promotes negative behaviors
• It encourages unnecessary consumerism
• It occupies too much of child's time


Television Viewing Tips:

-Plan a TV viewing schedule
-Practice selective TV viewing
-Watch TV along with your children
-Talk about what was viewed
-Ask questions about the programs
-Plan activities related to the program
-Read books suggested by the program


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From NAEYC Journal: Young Children, March 2009 Issue:

What Television Can (And Canít) Do To Promote Early Literacy Development


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