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Are you looking for ways to help promote good health and hygiene with kids of all ages?

Sid on Eight

On vaccination day at Sid's school, and Sid and his friends are a little apprehensive about getting flu shots. Thankfully, a very special nurse will be giving the kids their vaccination - Sid's Grandma! Find more segments online at http://www.pbskids.org/sid


Watch: Horizon segments online at azpbs.org!

Conduct a keyword search in the Horizon archives for "flu" and you will find resources and interview segments with Superintendent of Schools Tom Horne, Will Humble, Director of the Arizona Department of Health Services, and Bob Khan of the Phoenix Fire Department discussing the seasonal flu and the swine flu. Include resources with facts in your current events discussions with students!


Explore: Resources from PBS Teachers and PBS Parents

Lesson plans, offline activities and projects for grades 3 -12 connected to some of your favorite PBS programs like NOVA Science Now and NewsHour. Click here to learn more.


Share: Resources for your classroom website and newsletter for families

Have you seen PBS KIDS is now MOBILE? Find applications to add to your iPhone and other mobile devices. Sid the Science Kid's microphone, full episodes of your students favorite shows.


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