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Eight-AZ PBS Sid’s Super Duper Ooper Schmooper Big Idea About Water’s Journey!

Join us Saturday, February 25, 2012! - Register Here

Each day, Sid and his friends practice doing what scientists do.  Join Eight - Arizona PBS in questioning, making predictions, observing, and recording all your thoughts about water this year!

In February we will examine the extensive canal system throughout Phoenix.  Did you know the canals were first developed by Hohokam people?

This important campaign will culminate with this special FREE event along the banks of Arizona Falls – symbolizing the final leg of water’s journey - when it reaches an individual user. At this event, the public can interact with water in all different ways from seeing how much it really weighs to looking at it under a microscope, attend a screening of Sid the Science Kid episode, learn what a hydrologic engineer is, make their own canal maps and, of course, meet the kid that wants to know everything about everything – SID THE SCIENCE KID!





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