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These workshops are offered to both parents and early childhood educators, and are available in both
English and Spanish. In addition to instruction, each workshop participant receives educational
materials and a free children’s book.

Workshop 1 “Smart Use of Media” (1.5 hours)

Today’s kids are technology natives. In this workshop we will explore ways to make tv and other media a healthy part of early childhood. Developing media literacy as well as emergent literacy skills are important tasks for parents, caregivers and other teachers of young children. Explore PBS on-air and online resources that support this important work.

Workshop 2 “Sesame Street’s ‘Healthy Habits for Life’ ” (1.5 hours)

Establishing an early foundation for healthy habits can make them last a lifetime. Discover ways to help children and families make this healthy start tasty and fun while making it key to children’s learning and development. This interactive workshop will highlight sesame Workshop online resources and clips such as “Grover’s Workout Video,” “Mango Tango,” and Cookie Monster singing “Cookie Is a Sometime Food.”

Workshop 3 “Sesame Street’s ‘What’s the Word in the Street?’ ” (1.5 hours)

Walk with us on a street made up of words, and help children leap into literacy. On Sesame Street, we’re learning 26 new and exciting words. Why? Because words are the key to reading and writing! Join us in a hands-on approach to language. Together we’ll rhyme, sing and play our way into literacy. The road to reading begins with words, so lace up your shoes and join us on a word walk. You won’t need to travel far because this learning adventure takes place right outside your door.

Workshop 4 “What Do You Do With The Mad That You Feel?”
A Mister Rogers Workshop for early childhood professionals and staff (2.5 hours)
Materials are available in both Spanish and English, but instruction for this workshop
is in English.

This training workshop provides educators with techniques for helping children manage anger andlearn self-control. Developed by Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood Child Care Partnership, it features video clips with Fred Rogers and his neighbors, as well as early childhood educators responding to real life situation with children. Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood is a PBS KIDS Legacy Program.


Professional development certificates can be provided,
and all workshops are offered free of charge.


To schedule workshops or for more information, please contact:
Mary Ann Dillon at 480 965-2313 or mary.dillon@asu.edu



ASSET-Eight is proud to have been awarded a Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust grant in support of the Ready To Learn program. This grant helps fund Ready To Learn workshops for parents and other educators of children birth to five in Maricopa County. Ready To Learn is public broadcasting’s ongoing contribution to our nation’s most important educational goal – that all children begin school ready to learn.

The Mission of the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust:
“The Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust seeks to help people in need, especially women, children and families; to protect animals and nature; and to enrich community life in the metropolitan areas of Indianapolis and Phoenix.”


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