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Eight Educational Outreach Workshops

April 30, 2011 • Sesame Street: Food for Thought -
     Eating Well on a Budget…Things Every Play Kitchen Should Cook Up!

Participants will learn how to provide vocabulary for children to talk about food in a healthy way and helping their parents make affordable nutritious choices at the grocery store. Childcare personnel will discuss strategies for dramatic play and family evening activities, along with other ideas to grow early math and literacy skills. Learn “Family Food Talk,” “Healthy Foods on a Budget,” “Healthy Choices Any Time” and “Dance the Mango Tango!”  Receive a toolkit including recipes, a DVD and a book to take back to your children and incorporate into your teaching right away. 

*ECERS-R dramatic play, personal care routine, meals/snacks, and math are addressed in this workshop content

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Engage Preschoolers with PBS Online Resources Worskhop


May 21, 2011 – PBS KIDS Super WHY! Learning Adventure Tool Kit  -
                                        Turn Up the Heat and Get Ready for Summer!

Participants will each receive the SUPER WHY! Learning Adventures Toolkit and explore how to make use to this critically acclaimed curriculum within their own center or home based care setting.  Review each of the critical reading skills identified by the National Reading Panel, including alphabet knowledge, phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, and reading comprehension.  Through the games and classic storytelling, participants will enjoy adventures and skill building first hand they can then try with their children!

 *ECERS-R dramatic play, language, books, tv/video, and interaction are addressed in this workshop content

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To schedule workshops or for more information, please contact:
Barbara Baum at 480 965-2823 or barbara.baum@asu.edu


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