A great way to supplement your Science curriculum is to incorporate activities from FETCH!, a PBSKids program funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation. Part game show, part reality TV, and part spoof, FETCH! features real kids, real challenges, real science, and an unreal host named Ruff Ruffman (yes, he's an animated dog!). Featuring 20 half-hour episodes, FETCH! mixes live-action with animation and breaks the mold with its educational and comical take on America's newest television genre. The series focuses on real world science, following six young contestants as they pursue questions, conduct experiments, and actively investigate the world around them. The program’s primary science themes are animals, air and space, and invention. The series encourages children to pursue questions they encounter, conduct experiments, and actively investigate the world around them. These problem-solving skills are an essential component of school success. Click here for more information…

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ASSET Recommends… Reviewed sites to make connections across the curriculum
The following resources have been reviewed by ASSET and evaluated for their educational content and alignment to the Arizona Academic Standards. They include engaging activities for learners from Thinkfinity and other trusted sources and they model appropriate use of technology to address individual learning styles and needs. More...
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Join educators from across the nation in PBS TeacherLine professional development that supports multicultural education with 21st Century Learners. More...
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Connecting with the Arts

In Episode #2, Ruff gets a case of the blues. Learn more about this music genre and let your class compose a melody, using a 12-bar blues chord progression. More...

Summer Course Registration with PBS TeacherLine! Courses begin June 25, 2008. Registration is open now. AZ educators can receive a $100 discount off National PBS TeacherLine prices by using this promotional code.

Children’s Museum of Phoenix – Opens to the public June 14! Visit their website for more details.

Explore what the Arizona Science Center has happening this summer for teachers! Visit their website for more details.

Consider joining the Arizona Science Teachers’ Association to connect with your colleagues across the state. Find out more at their website!

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