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Mission & Vision


The mission of Eight Educational Outreach is to provide the most innovative educational content and technologies to enrich the lives of children, students, educators, caregivers and parents through quality outreach programs and services that educate, inform, and inspire.

We specialize in supporting educators and students in the classroom, and families at home by creating and connecting quality PBS educational content to national, common core and state standards. We help our constituents improve student performance through research-based content that is relevant and engaging. We accomplish this through the power of noncommercial television, the Internet, radio, other media, outreach activities, and a variety of community-based initiatives.

In partnership with PBS and Arizona State University, Eight Educational Outreach serves as a trusted, independent catalyst for educational improvement.



As the educational department of Eight – Arizona PBS is an essential service available to and valued by all Arizona educators, students, and families, guided by unique educational needs, and aided by our deep-rooted presence in the PreK-16 community.

Capitalizing on our unique role, we promote, create, and stimulate the use of PBS educational materials in ways that improve educational opportunities for Arizona educators, students, and their families.


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