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AZ.PBSLearningMedia offers over 87,000 thousand curriculum and professional development resources from the best of public media and its partners…for FREE! The new media-on-demand service is designed specifically for educators and provides a variety of resource types -- videos, interactives, documents, audio and images -- all curriculum-targeted for classroom use.

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AZ.PBSLearningMedia Toolkit

This presenter toolkit provides a comprehensive set of free materials which can be tailored to meet school and participant professional development needs, including a downloadable powerpoint with notes, video descriptions, printable handouts, and suggested activities. Please encourage participants to sign up.  Lakeshore, Inc has provided all participating educators or parents with a FREE software of their choice. 

PR & Presentations

Arizona PBS May 2015 Press Release

Welcome to PBS LearningMedia – YouTube Video

I Love Teaching | PBS LearningMedia - YouTube

Steve’s Story (Science) | PBS LearningMedia - YouTube

2015 PBS Digital Innovator | PBS LearningMedia - YouTube

PBS President Paula Kerger talks about education & the launch of PBS LearningMedia

Webinar Schedule - Overview of the System

Recording from Past Webinar (about 20 minutes long)

We have found that most people wish to view the webinar on their own schedule, so please feel free to view the recording listed above at your own convenience.

If you wish to schedule a webinar or a face to face presentation at your site, please email Mark Becker at



Handouts and Help

PBS Learn More

PBS LearningMedia – The Future of Digital Learning Infographic

PBS LearningMedia Curious George Flyer

PBS LearningMedia Create Account Flyer

PBS LearningMedia Brochure

Suggested Presentation Outline

-Share overview video or powerpoint

-Demonstrate how to signup

-Allow group to create accounts

-Share resources from site – choose a video, interactive, or lesson plan

-Hands-on Processing time

-Share how to use My Favorites

-Hands-on Processing time

-Closure and Questions


Technical Help

IE Browsing Settings
Setting Instructions

Firefox Browsing Settings
Setting Instructions

Curriculum Examples

PBS LearningMedia Content Map

Social Studies

PBS LearningMedia Global Learning & Diplomacy Collection (grades 6-13+)
Fact sheets, Videos, blogs, News stories
First Ladies of the U.S.

I Wanna See the States (grades 2-6)
Pop band HelloGoodbye sings
Lesson Plan

MISSION US (grades 6-11)


NOVA: Frozen Frogs
(grades 6-12)
Video, Background essay, Discussion questions

Bob the Builder:  Constructing a Class Zoo
(grades PreK-2)
Video, Focus Questions, STEM related activities


Peg + Cat Collection
(grades PreK-K)
Online games, Supplemental activities, Video clips

Math at the Core: Middle School (grades 6-8)
Interactives, video clips, lesson plans, activities

English/Language Arts

Shakespeare Uncovered
(grades 10-13+)
Interactive timeline, Videos, Background essays, Discussion questions

Inspiring Middle School Literacy
(grades 6-8)
Lessons, teachers’ guides, videos, interactive activities

The Electronic Company: Music Video – Chunking
(grades 1-3)
Sound, Video, related content



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