Welcome to Eight’s secure donation page. For the first time, you now have the opportunity to become an Eight Education member with KAET, Eight, Arizona PBS.

1. Access to PBS Resources for Arizona Classrooms that help build 21st century skills
2. Admission to member-only Online and Face to Face PBS Professional Learning Communities for Arizona P-20 educators
3. Exclusive Savings on Your Out of Pocket Classroom Costs and Professional Learning

$60 Annual "Eight Education Member" Membership package will include:

First 500 members receive an Eight Education Member t-shirt!
All the benefits of Eight’s basic membership, including Eight Magazine, our monthly program guide with highlights and schedules to help you get the most out of watching Eight; and access to discounts and special offers on the things you buy everyday through our Eight Passport program.
A flash Drive thank you gift

Member-only local Arizona PBS TeacherLine course specials

Member-only $60 rebate on National PBS TeacherLine courses that are $169 or more. (Certain conditions will apply.) Click here for more information about the rebate

Member-only access to the Eight Education Summer Institute 2009 "Think Upstream" Post-Institute Extend Your Learning Summer Professional Development

Member-only discounts where educators shop – a growing list of local and national businesses who honor your work with students and provide discounts for things you purchase for your classroom and school
Member-only 20% discount at ShopAZPBS on eight mechandise (From now through December you will receive a 50% discount)
Member-only opportunity to obtain a DVD(s) of Arizona Stories: Season 1
Automatic entry in Eight Special Event Ticket Lotteries and other ASSET/Eight Special Gift Lotteries.
A tax-deductible annual membership fee

Eight programs and services that our community can count on – count on you. Thank you!



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