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After School with PBS!

Safe, Online, Standards-based Resources for Your Students

Local Resources:


Set-up directions (PDF)
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National Resources:

American ExperienceAntiques RoadshowFRONTLINE

History DetectivesNATURENOVA

This Old HouseThe WarWIRED Science



Activities & Lesson plans connected to specific productions & AZ Standards:

arizona stories   cyberchase   fetch   word_girl



Broadcast Schedule & Recording Rights

Television schedule
Programs A-Z

Arizona Public Media Television Schedule (Tucson area)

KNME Television Schedule (Northeastern Arizona)

Copyright & Recording Rights for Classroom Educators – PBS Teachers



Online Resources for Education Professionals, Staffs, and Parents



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See what other after school programs across the nation have to say about PBS resources:

The kids in our after school program love working with the [READING RAINBOW] CD ROMs. Our Youth Center is located in one of Portland's highest crime/lowest income neighborhoods. The kids we serve are from families with an annual median income of $17,000. They are at a high risk of making bad choices regarding sex, drugs and gangs. Most of them have issues with truancy and poor school attendance due to instability in their homes. It really takes a lot to engage these kids in the learning process. You can imagine how thrilled we are that they enjoy your reading program and actually ask us if they can spend more time in the Computer Learning Center.
…Nancy A. Cole, Executive Director, Achieve CDC, Portland, OR


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