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ASSET-Eight, Arizona PBS created the “Kindergarteners In Progress” website for preschoolers, their parents, and caregivers. Children and adults will find Kiptown a fun and engaging place to play and learn together. Kiptown contains five locations:

• The Restaurant
• The Grocery Store
• The Park
• The School
• The Firehouse

Each location in Kiptown provides an opportunity for children to practice a variety of skills to get ready for kindergarten. All the activities in Kiptown are based on Arizona’s Early Learning Standards, 3rd Edition.




The Kiptown Restaurant: Literacy

The Kiptown Restaurant focuses on literacy skills. Through play, children learn to create meaning from language and communicate with others using verbal and non-verbal language, pictures, symbols and print. At the Kiptown Restaurant, children practice letter recognition, print awareness, story comprehension, and oral language skills. More...



The Kiptown Grocery Store: Mathematics

The Kiptown Grocery Store introduces math skills. Math experiences that are developmentally appropriate and are made meaningful through play facilitate a children’s learning of math concepts. At the Kiptown Grocery Store, children practice one-to-one correspondence, positional terms, pattern recognition, and data analysis skills. More...



The Kiptown Park: Science

The Kiptown Park focuses on science skills. Scientific inquiry, for young children, is asking questions and seeking answers based on their natural curiosity. At the Kiptown Park, children explore the environment, tests predictions, collect items, and explore new ways of presenting scientific information. More...



The Kiptown School: Social Emotional Skills

The Kiptown School focuses on social-emotional skills. Practicing these skills helps children understand themselves, form constructive social relationships and relate to the larger world. The activities at the Kiptown School allow children to practice making choices, completing a challenging task, resolving conflicts, and taking responsibility. More...



The Kiptown Firehouse:
Literacy, Mathematics, Science & Social Emotional Skills

The Kiptown Firehouse combines skills from all four of the previous locations, providing a variety of activities to practice and reinforce learning. At the Kiptown Firehouse, children practice problem-solving, testing predictions, following directions, and sorting skills. More...





Information For Parents & Caregivers

The Parent and Caregiver area on the “Kindergarteners In Progress” website contains an array of resources that are related to the different locations in Kiptown. The resources are organized into different areas.

The books in the Parent and Caregiver area focus not only on stories and facts about the locations themselves, but also on the skills children practiced at that location. Some books in the Parent and Caregiver Library Firehouse section, for example, provide information about fire safety; others help you reinforce sorting, predicting, and problem-solving skills.

The Internet contains a wealth of resources to help prepare children for kindergarten. The websites you find at the Parent and Caregiver area have been chosen to help reinforce the skills children practiced at the different locations in Kiptown. As with the books, some of the websites listed focus on the locations themselves, while others focus on the skills acquired at that location.

Off Screen Activities:
The Parent and Caregiver area contains an assortment of off-screen activities that help children practice the skills they learn in Kiptown. The activities are designed to be fun, interactive, and simple to complete.


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